Within a family environment, this garden divides between three distinctive zones; the entrance, the private garden and the living area. Pulling to its Architectural traditions but with modern materials, the garden design transforms the different spaces around the house alongside their function and give a meaning to each one of them, also perceptible on the vegetation, with the private garden being very Mediterranean style with soft colors and tones within a lawn extension that visually connects the further sides of the garden.

The living area contrasts with strong colors within a vibrant tropical feeling that sets the mood for a great party, in a space for gathering with family and friends and live different experiences among the surrounding seating areas in a sense of opportunity such as the sunken fireplace, or the wooden outdoor gazebo with an exterior kitchen.

The main entrance of the property seeks to establish a relationship between the living area and private garden, using elements shared by both, whether inert or vegetal, establishing a continuum that harmonizes the exterior environment of the house.

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