Gate House

Following the bioclimatic principles of the house Architecture, this garden was thought to be framed with the surroundings landscape on an ecologic balance, with local vegetation and materials that perfectly integrate within a sustainable and resilient environment.

A distinction was created between the access areas and the relaxing spaces where the house Architecture itself establishes a division with an elongated wall to the garden and a visual opening that allows a glimpse of a natural continuum.

This is a key element, which, like in a painting, opens up to the surrounding landscape where on one side you find a scenic landscape setting and on the other, we have open and large spaces that invite us to live and use in a peaceful way.

This garden is strongly linked to Mediterranean nature with the use of native species and others strongly adapted to the local climate in a balanced sense of reducing water consumption and maintenance.

Concept ・Design ・Consulting

Architecture Studio Arte :: Photographs Zavial Studio